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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data protection statement


This Privacy Policy informs the users of this website about the nature, extent and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the webmaster [entering your contact information].

The website owner takes your privacy very seriously and handles your personal information confidentially and in accordance with regulations. Because new technologies and the constant development of the website can make changes to this privacy statement, we again recommend that you read the privacy statement on a regular basis.

See Article 4 DSGVO for definitions of terms used (eg, "personally identifiable information" or "Edit").

Access to data

We, the web site or web page operator, are growing as a result of our data legitimate interest (p. The following data are recorded:
• Visited a website
• Time when access
• The amount of data sent in bytes
• Source / reference, from which it came to the page
• A browser is used
• Operating system used
• IP address

The server logs are stored for a maximum of 7 days and then deleted. The data is stored for security reasons, to clarify such cases of abuse. Data for reasons evidence must be removed, excluded until the deletion until the incident is finally resolved.

Measurement range & cookies

This website uses cookies for pseudonymized Measurement range transmitted by our servers or third party servers in the user's browser. Cookies are small files stored on your device. The browser to access these files. The use of cookies increases the usability and security of this website.
If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can oppose using these files here:

• Disable cookie page opt: /
• Disable cookies page on US website: /
• Disable cookie page on European website: /

Popular browsers offer the option settings to ban cookies. Note: You are not guaranteed access to all the features of this website without restrictions if you make the appropriate settings.

Collection and processing of personal data

The site administrator collects, uses, and only discloses your personal information if permitted by the legal framework or, your consent to the collection of data.
All information is considered personal data, which is used, your person to determine and which back to you can be - for example, your name, your email address and phone number.
You can also visit this website without disclosing information about yourself. To improve our online services, we store your access information on this site, however (irrelevant person). This access data includes, for example, the requested file or the name of your ISP. Through data anonymity, drawing conclusions about your person is not possible.

They deal with contact information

Contact us as the site administrator through the contact information provided, your information stored on it can be used to process and respond to your request. This information is not disclosed to third parties without your consent.

They deal with remarks and contributions

Please leave a post or comment on this site, the IP address is saved. This is in our legitimate interests within the meaning of Article 6 (1) lit. f. DSGVO and serves to protect us as a webmaster: because your comment should violate applicable law, it may get us sued for this, which is why we are interested in the identity of the comment or post author.

Google Analytics

This website uses due to our legitimate interests for optimization and analysis of our website for the purposes of article 6 par. 1 lit. f. DSGVO in the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Parkway Mountain View Amphitheater, CA 94043, United States) is offered. The service (Google Analytics) uses "Cookies" - text files stored on your device. The information collected by cookies is normally sent to a Google server in the US and stored there. This website uses IP anonymity. The user's IP address is reduced within the EU Member States and the European Economic Area, as well as the other party to the agreement. Only in exceptional cases, the IP address is first cut without being transferred to the United States on a Google server and cut there. This cut eliminates your personal IP address reporting. The IP address sent by the user's browser is not compatible with any other data stored by Google.

Under the order data agreement we have signed with Google Inc. as a Webmaster, this created an evaluation of the use of the website and the activity of the site, using the information collected and providing Internet Use related services.
The data collected on our behalf by Google is used to evaluate the use of our website online by individual users, such as generating activity reports on the website, to improve our online services.
You can prevent cookies from being stored on your device by making the appropriate settings in your browser. There is no guarantee that you can access all the functions of this website without restrictions, if your browser does not accept cookies.
Still, you can prevent from a plugin search engine, that information collected by cookies (including your IP address) to Google Inc. are sent and used by Google Inc. The following link will take you to the appropriate plugin:

Alternatively, you can prevent Google Analytics from collecting data about you within this site by clicking on this link (Important: Insert opt-out link). Clicking on the link above to download an "opt-out cookie". So, basically, the browser should allow the storage of cookies. You can delete your cookies regularly, again clicking on the link every time you visit this site is necessary.

Here you will find more information about data usage by Google Inc.:
• (data collected by Google Partners)
• (ad settings to be displayed)
• (use of cookies in ads)

Use the social media plugin from Facebook

As a result of our legitimate interest in the analysis, optimization and operation of our online offer (within the meaning of Article 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO), the Facebook social add-on is used on this website by Facebook Inc. (Mode 1 Hacker, Menlo Park, California 94025 United States) works. The collaborations of the Facebook logo or the words "Like", "Like", "Share" with the colors of Facebook (blue and white) are recognizable. For information on all Facebook plugins, use the following link:

Facebook Inc. to comply with European data protection law and is certified in accordance with the privacy shield agreement:
The plugin makes a direct connection between your browser and Facebook servers. The webmaster has no influence on the nature and amount of data sent by the plugin to the Facebook Inc. server. See here:
• (ad settings to be displayed)
Use the features of the plugin - e.g. with a share or "resemble" - is also transmitted by Facebook Inc. the appropriate information.

You want to prevent this Facebook. Inc. combines this data with your Facebook account, log in, please visit this Facebook site and delete the cookies stored. In your Facebook profile, you can make further adjustments to the processing of data for advertising purposes, or to oppose the use of your data for advertising purposes. In the settings, click here:
• Facebook profile settings:
• Disable cookies page on US website: /
• Disable cookie page on European website: /

What data, for what purpose and to what extent, Facebook collects data, uses and procedures and what are my rights and options for the protection of your personal data, you can read Facebook's privacy policy. You can find it here:

Subscribe to the newsletter

The webmaster offers a newsletter, in which he informs you about current events and special offers. To subscribe to the newsletter, you must specify a valid email address. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you agree to receive the Newsletter and the procedures described.
The newsletter is an ABC supply distribution platform, example 5, the transport company XY, 12345 sample city, Germany. Information about the sender's privacy policy should be added to the box: protection.
Revocation and Termination: Your consent to the receipt of the newsletter can be withdrawn at any time and therefore cancel the subscription to the newsletter. After your complaint, your personal data will be deleted. Their consent for the newsletter that comes out at the same time. At the end of each newsletter you will find the link in the announcement.

User rights

They have the right to receive a free information about it, upon request that personal data about you has been stored as a user. You also have the right to correct incorrect data and restrict the processing or deletion of your personal data. If applicable, it may claim your right to portability. We must assume that your data has been processed illegally, you can file a complaint to the competent supervisory authority.

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